Workflow Analyzer Excel Fields

Hi Team,

Can we create a custom workflow analyzer for excel only

Eg-want to throw an error if excel application scope visible property is not disabled


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Hi @Supriya_Yenaganti

Check out the docs


Yes, you can create a custom workflow analyzer for Excel or any other application using UiPath Studio workflow analyzer.
The workflow analyzer allows you to define custom rules to check for best practices compliance with coding standards and potential issues in your workflows.

-Create a Custom Workflow Analyzer Rule
-Build your custom analyzer project
-In Studio, go to Settings and select Manage Workflow Analyzer Rules.
Click on Add Custom Rule and select the custom rule.
And Run the Analyzer…

hmm no I just checked

There is one Workflow Analyzer rule that is specific to the Excel activities package:

But Workflow Analyzer allows you to create custom rules, but it may not provide specific rules for validating the “Visible” property of the “Excel Application Scope” activity directly.

Custom rules can be created for various types of validations, but creating a rule for a specific property of an activity may not be a built-in feature.

To do this, you would write a custom C# rule that examines the properties of the “Excel Application Scope” activity and checks the “Visible” property.

Check this video and document for more details

Image for reference

Hope this helps



we would assume, that with at least a workaround we could check it with a custom workflow analyzer rule.

In such a case we would set up a quick a rnd:

  • create a minimal hello world custom wfa rule project in Visual Studio
  • debug the project for checking that debugging is working
  • extend the prototype to react on EAS Activities
  • debug it and check the offered Arguments of the found EAS activity

With this quick check it can be verified if the visible configuration Argument is offered or not