Workflow always fail at unattended but smooth at attended

Hi All

My all unattended workflow running at VM. I found that some job not stable running via orchestrator schedule job (always cannot find UI element), but the same job running at same VM using attended robot or studio run directly, it is smooth and perfect. One more thing is if the job running via orchestrator and it’s failed. I remote to that VM will found that the resolution is still 1920 x 1080, but the whole thing is not clear, a little blur. I don’t know is it related to my robot setting?

My unattended robot setting

You do run robot as a service, not in user mode?

how can i know ? if i am testing and develop, i will login to that VM and then edit my flow. i will run it at studio. After the flow can run smooth, i will close VM windows and then run it via orchestrator. Am i doing right steps ?

You have connected an unattended robot to the orch? And this running as a service?

yes, i can run it via orchestrator without login that VM

i want to click the highlighted edit button via service mode, it can work perfectly in user mode (when i login that VM and run at studio). Not just this button, so many button also failed when running in service mode
The selector is validated