Worker Process ‘UiPath Orchestrator’ Requested A Recycle Because The Worker Process Reached End Of Its Allowed Processing Time Limit

How to fix error "Worker process ‘UiPath Orchestrator’ requested a recycle because the worker process reached the end of its allowed processing time limit" ?

Note: IIS d​​efault value of recycling application pools is 1740 minutes or 29 hrs.

To Disable Automatic Recycling:

  • On Orchestrator Server machine---IIS-->Application pools--->UiPath Orchestrator-->Recycling(Under Edit Application Pool)

Root Cause: This is occurring due to the Recycle schedule on the AppPool user. This can either be disabled or scheduled at a time when no Robots are running.

Why is Recycling required ?

29 hrs or 1740 minutes is the default value set by IIS for application pools. Refer Recycling Settings For An Application Pool .

Recycling means that the worker process that handles requests for that application pool is terminated and a new one is started. This is generally done to avoid unstable states that can lead to application crashes, hangs, or memory leaks


Sometimes, Recycling can interfere with Robots running the Jobs. To avoid this,

  • Choose a time that works best. Select a specific time when no jobs are run by the Robots.