WorkbookAbnormallyClosed Error

Hi All

In REFramework, with Excel Application Scope activity (located in Framework\Init\AllApplications.xaml), I try to open xlsx file. After opening, once it’s come back to the Sequence activity (Load configurations and open applications), an error message popped out in Output panel - "Invoke InitAllApplications workflow: Error getting value from “WorkbookAbnormallyClosed” on “UiPath.Excel.WorkbookApplication”

It’s appreciated if anyone advise me how to skip, ignore or circumvent this error.
(My process doesn’t need to cease, regardless of whether or not Excel was normally/abnormally closed in the previous session)

Thank you so much in advance!


If you are using latest version of UiPath Studio, then try to update the excel activities package to the latest version and try one more time.

Inside the excel application scope you can use “Close Workbook” activity, so that the backend process will be terminated and it will help to open the excel again without any issues.

Thanks for the advice. I used “Close Workbook” with loop, instead of simply Kill Process of Excel for safer closing.