Workbook writeRange and keep the current value of column

table = id,message,starttime,endtime

I want to change the value of added row so that i only change id, message and end date.
Means I want to keep the start time as it was before… so i can see how long it has taken to do the whole process from start to end.
How can i do that or is it possible to do with workbook activities and not excel??

I do this to add row… using add data row and append row to add value.
{110,“Form starts”,Now.ToString(“dd-MM-yyyy hh:mm:ss”),Now.ToString(“dd-MM-yyyy hh:mm:ss”)}
Result of added value

Expected result after change on same row should be.

As Excel scop is opening file and takes time to write to it and i have to do it many time so i want the result in workbook activities.

I have manged to do all that in ExcelScope but its taking a lot time to write to it.


You can read the rows using Read Range.

Get the row that you want:

  • rowToChange = rowsRange.Select(“id=110”)(0);

Change the values:


  • rowsToChange(“id”) = …
  • rowsToChange(“message”) = …
  • rowsToChange(“end date”) = …

Use Write Range setting rowsRange back to to Excel.

thanks but im not interested in assign activities… I need to do it other way… so if you can tell with workbook.