Workbook was closed by a 3rd party

Hi, I am currently using the ReFramework to do the following:

  1. Retrieve current transaction as a DataRow from an Excel file
  2. Find the correct reference Excel file name associated to the row
  3. Write info from the reference file into an output Excel file
  4. Repeat for each other row

In step 3 write cell, I often get an error Workbook was closed by a 3rd party.

What’s making this difficult to debug is that this error occurs randomly and there is no specific data that can be isolated to be causing the error.

How do I debug this?


I haven’t come across this error. But I did find this post, which might help, but not sure…

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Hi, fixed it… apparently I used Close Application instead of Close Workbook to close Excel files and this caused it to detect as external process closing the workbook


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