Workbook Read range for password protected files. ERROR -Default password is invalid for docId/saltData/saltHash


I am using the Workbook- read range activity to fetch values from a Password protected empty file.
Despite providing Password(Tried str variable as well as Hardcoded) in the property pane, still the error occurs.

Error message: Default password is invalid for docId/saltData/saltHash"

Have anybody come across this error?


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HI @SudhakarAs92
While trying to open the excel application with excel application scope we got an option to enter the password for that file,

Well if we are trying to just open, mention the password in Password property or if we are trying to make any edit with the file enter the password in EditPassword

Fine even after entering the password if the file fails to open, try to open that manually with the same password and check buddy

Cheers @SudhakarAs92


As i had already mentioned, I’m using read range that belongs to Workbook, which does not require Excel application scope I believe. And also, I have tried providing Password in the property pane. Yet the error pops up.

is that a excel or some other workbook application
Cheers @SudhakarAs92

It’s excel. I have tried with Excel application scope as well. Could not get rid of this problem.

Fine is it working when entered manually to the workbook directly
Cheers @SudhakarAs92

Yes, it works manually.

Hi there,

Same issue here: When i type the password in the propertypanel it is working.
But, I retrieve the password in outlookemail so I store the password into a variable and place the variable in the password property in the propertypanel. (log message returns the right password) But when i run the code: IT IS NOT WORKING. The file is nog opening, error message: “Read Range: The provided password is incorrect.”

What is the difference here ? Why is it not working ?

(Or should I start a new topic?)