Workbook read range error: Block [2] already removed

Hello community, since I have been very lucky in getting my questions answered and problems solved here in the forum, I am posting another error i ran into since last week.

When I am using read range activity under workbook (Not excel scope), I kept running into this error that states “block [2] already removed”. I am very confused as this message doesn’t really tell me much about it went wrong. I looked through the forum and couldn’t find a solution. I tried uninstall excel packages, restarting the studio, uncheck add header, resave excels, none worked so far.

Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this error?


Hi @siming,

maybe the error lays in the excel file itself. Did you try creating a new excel file from scratch and only past the values from the original one to it?

Kind regards

ahh I did not, but you inspired me. I went back and checked the excel, I think the problems persist because there was a picture inside the Excel. Once I removed it, the error no longer shows up. However, I hate to having to go through this every time for every file, (and I know this is probably a stretch) is there a UiPath way that can remove pictures in the Excel?


Great to hear that you solved it!

Currently i’m not aware of a solution directly in UiPath, but i think that can be done easily by a Excel macro and invoking it in your UiPath code.

okay thanks! I no longer think it is the picture that caused the problem, cause when I pasted the picture back to Excel the original workflow worked. So I still don’t know where the problem is and how to fix that.
Thanks dude, I am going to keep the question open to see if anyone else has more insight

You’re welcome!

one more think that comes into my mind is maybe some named range in the excel file? or maybe some links to another excel file/ table in your range to read out?

If possible can I have a view on the excel sheet may be with a Screenshot
And also the property panel of READ RANGE activity

cheers @siming

I don’t have anything of these in the excel. Thanks for your help!

I can’t really show the Excel since this is not a internal project. But here’s the screen shot to property panel. I guess at this point, i am more interested in knowing what this error is, since it’s not giving a lot of information itself, so i can prevent it from happening in the future.

Is the table of record without header starting from A5

That is correct

May I know why didnt we try with read range inside the excel application scope

It was because the target environment that will be running the robot does not necessarily have excel installed. So i want to avoid using excel application scope when developing