Workbook Read Range doesn't handle VLOOKUP properly

I have an Excel file I’m reading that uses VLOOKUP to pull data from another Excel file. When reading with Workbook Read Range the dates come through as integers…


If I switch to Excel Application Scope it works…


So I’m asking for Workbook Read Range to be fixed so it can handle VLOOKUP data properly.

This is using UiPath.Excel.Activities v2.10.4

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Have you tried using preserve format property present in workbook read range activity ?

If not, Could you please try that.


hear thinking, kind of confused though

I believe that’s not something that needs or can be enhanced.

The VLOOKUP values are actually using excel advanced functions and hence a normal workbook is not designed to fetch those values. We have excel application scope for that, which uses application api to perform those advanced functions.

Preserve Format had no effect.

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Try making that column as text type in excel and use the preserve format. Hope that may help.


I cannot do that. We cannot change the Excel file.

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Also, you are not supposed to use Excel ?

Kindly confirm


We are using Excel. That’s what the Workbook activities do. Yes, Excel Application Scope works for linked data. I’m hoping Workbook activities can be updated to handle linked data, too. That’s all.

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Hi @postwick ,

Just wanted to check how you are using VLOOKUP in the workbook activities so I’m able to repro it correctly - are you entering the formula?


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