Workbook path

Inside Excel Application scope, when I try to give the WorkBookPath for the csv file- it does not recognize any file at the specified location. Looks like it is expecting files in .xls, .xlsx or .xlsm format. Can you please confirm on this


Use Read CSV activity to read CSV file.

I just want to know whether we can give the WorkBookPath for the csv file in the excel application scope

No. We have to specify Excel file path only inside Excel Application Scope activity.

Hi @Animesh_Sarma

You cannot provide file paths for any other file apart from xlsx or xls in the Excel Application scope. So in case you are using csv, you have to use the Read CSV activity

thank you.

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Hi @Animesh_Sarma

You can provide csv path inside Excel Application Scope, but point is what is the use of it.
We have activity which read CSV, Even Excel Application Scope will do same.

But to answer your question, yes we can use path of CSV inside Excel application Scope