Workbook out of range - must be non negative

Hi all,

I’m trying to copy one workbook into a different one. There are over 9k rows…

I’m using read Range and Write Range activities… every time I try running it throws an error (“RemoteException wrapping System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.”)

the workbook starts at “A7” and goes into “A1”… any ideas how to make it work?

can you post a screenshot of your activity?

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@matt.guzek can you use excel application scope instead

Hey @matt.guzek

What is the reason to use A7 please ?


Hello @matt.guzek ,

Could you give more explanation on the point which you mentioned here?the workbook starts at “A7” and goes into “A1”

Also in the Read Range you have provided only A7 which is a cell value.


When using read range activity there are two things need to consider two things

  • You can provide the range as starting cell : ending cell Ex: A1:A7 so that it reads the data from A1:A7 and stores the data in a output variable


  • if you wan to read the entire sheet then you can simply keep “” in the range field


  • In the screenshot you mentioned the value in the range as “A7” in the Read Range activity. Try to give the range as “A1:A7” or just keep double quotes. Try executing

Also, run the process in debug mode to know exactly at which activity the issue was occuring

its a report generated, starts at A7 haha

the activity throwing the error is the write range, it says that the index is out of range.
I want to take rows from A7:S7 down,

and put them in a different report.

When i do this on a blank excel file it works fine…

Hey @matt.guzek

So my understanding currently is you have an Excel Report file which will be having data starting from A7.

So when you used Read Range activity it is failing.

So how you provided range, I believe you have passed A7 as range value in the activity right ?

Please show us the Excel report how it looks and the activity props ?


the error is in the write range activity.

i dont get this error when I write range to empty excel file

“A7” is the starting range for read range (the report starts there), and “A2” is the start for the write range activity. thats where I need to put the rows

I think I know what the problem is!!!

the Excel file I’m trying to write to has VB script in it. That’s throwing it off

can you please check how many number of rows are read from read range activity? In other way move your log message before the write range and see it returns any rows count.