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Yes, Column B could be with values sometimes and could be empty sometimes, it could be both ways.
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@Tarun_Bajpai I dont think that would be a Problem then, We can read Column B data if Blank we’ll just Leave it Blank in the Output

@supermanPunch: that’s great to know. If possible, Could you please assist and share either the xaml file or tell how to do it :slight_smile:

@Tarun_Bajpai Will the Column be Blank as to No Headers as well ?

@supermanPunch: if header exists then yes, if not then leave it. It has to check the header name

@supermanPunch Hi Arpan :slight_smile: , Did you get a chance to work on my problem ?

@Tarun_Bajpai Yes, But As i had developed the code to Satisfy the Happy path Situations i was not Successfully able to Develop the Codes for all kinds of Situation. For eg: When the Excel File is Blank or does not have data as there will be more complications raised in that kind of situation.And the method i have used is not entirely of good approach.

@supermanPunch Thanks Arpan, In that case , what could be the good approach for the method provided by you.

@Tarun_Bajpai You can check the Workflow, but it will not work for other Scenarios like when you have no data for Working Hours Column. Check the Example Excel File, Run the Workflow, Check the Output Sheet. (10.1 KB)


@supermanPunch Thank you Arpan :slight_smile:

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