Workbook Does Not exist

the workbook is not exists in Read excel, this error is not coming continuously. I am not able to identify it. i have tried almost everything (TRY CATCH, Kill Excel , Checked variables)

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Hello, @Krati_Rajoriya1
Can you please provide more info about the error you are getting or even attach a printscreen?

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Hii ,
Thank you for the reply
I am running my flow which downloads an excel file and reads data from it, While reading data this error came “The workbook does not exist”. This error came sometimes, I have tried try-catch but still in the catch, it throws this error.

And the main problem is this error is not coming continuously, it’s coming sometimes only.

Hi @Krati_Rajoriya1

You can try giving delay before reading the excel.


you can use" do while " To control the abnormal situation,Use try catch in it ,If there is an exception, try again

here is the Screenshot, I have tried all the above solutions. but the error remains the same.


You can try using retry scope activity. So if in first run the excel doesn’t exist, it will retry to read the excel again. You can provide the times of retry in activity properties. Thanks.

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Hello, can you please tell or show me what’s your “FilePath” value?

Hi Krati,

Please use:
Wait for Download Activity.

This activity waits for the file to be downloaded completely and then proceeds with the other activities in your solution.

Hope this helps!

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Make sure the file is downloaded properly before accessing it

U can use wait for download activity to make sure file is downloaded as suggested by @juveria.siddiqui