Workaround To Connect A New Installation Of Orchestrator To An Existing Database

How to connect a new installation of Orchestrator to an existing Database?

The logic behind this work-around is to use the installation PS command for multi-node Orchestrator, starting with the same parameters as our original Orchestrator (connected to the original DB). As it is being run only for the first node, it will install Orchestrator normally, but it will take into account the ParametersFile even for the first node (which would normally be used for the following nodes, to replicate the first). This way, it is possible to connect a new installation of Orchestrator to an existing Database.

Here are the steps:

  1. Ensure a clean install, and delete any previous installations from the 'new' machine.
  2. Go to the 'original' Orchestrator and find and run the Generate-ParametersFile.ps1 script (should be within the Tools folder). This should generate a ParametersFile.json file with all the configurations.
  3. Copy the ParametersFile.json along with the uipath.orchestrator.dll.config from the 'original' machine to the 'new' machine
  4. Download/Copy the Orchestrator Installer and place it in the same folder as the above 2 files.
  5. Run the command: UiPathOrchestrator.msi SECONDARY_NODE=1 PARAMETERS_FILE=ParametersFile.json /passive
  6. After the installation is over, access Orchestrator to see if it works fine now.
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