Work flow fails when i change the different monitors or laptop

Hi, I created a work flow for one of the thick client. I used my office big monitor to develop the work flow, and the jobs are running fine in orchestrator, but if I use my office laptop at home or during presentations, the scripts fail. How to develop a robust script which will not fail, if we use the different size screens


if you presenting them thru SKYPE …try to do browser or web automation in "Native Citrix "

Hi, thanks for your revert, but can you elaborate, do I have to make changes in script?

Whenever you are trying to share web automation the UIPATH in SKYPE …an extra layer (with yellow or blue) will be added …

BOT thinks it is kind of RDP or citrix …

So , you should use "Native citrix " …for at least "open browser " activity .

its a thick client, SAP desktop application, and the flow is in RDP only,so I have to open the VM on my laptop and present it to the team. I havnt used any recorder in the script I use the activities directly. . So do I use native citrix recorder and make change. Will it work?