Word not opening properly


I’m having an issue with Word App Scope. I have to open the Word doc and then copy the table in the document but for some reason it opens the Word doc (I can see that in taskbar) but it doesn’t show the document and then it doesn’t do nothing but if I manually click on the word icon in taskbar it works. My issue is why doesn’t it immediately show the document opening and then moves on to the activities inside word?


Did we try upgrading the word package

Go to design tab → manage packages-> project dependencies-> upgrade the package

Usually it won’t show the word document in foreground when using word application scope as like excel (where excel application scope will show the excel file once in foreground)
It will just open and close it immediately and that’s why you were able to see in task bar

And if you want to open the word document in foreground then pass the filepath of that doc as input to START PROCESS activity so that it will bring the file up front

Cheers @markosc

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