Word Format using UIPath

How to check for a particular string exists in a word document,
if it does not exists how to type into word document using uipath.

Because scraping particular area is not possible in word as it gets the control of whole document


First take word application scope and specify document path. And then take read text activity to read document content and store it in variable for suppose getDocText.

Find particular string in a given document: if getDocText.Contains(“searchString”).

If it is not exist then use append text activity to append the data to the given documents.

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thank u… for your response…

few more specifications in that, below mentioned is a table in word document
in first line I have to check if “Client” value (ie; after : is empty or not) if empty I have type text into it
And while editing the font style and size should not change.


Please let me know If anyone has faced this…

Can you please send the word document or similar document for testing purpose and also it will be easy to resolve the issue.

Pavan H

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hi pavan…
sry I am not able to upload the file.
if possible can u create the same table as mentioned in the query and try with that…