Word finding logic

Hi Team,

KIndly help me on this.
I have one excel sheet which contain 4 column. 1st and 3 column contain word and 2nd and 4th column contain number.
Now, I have to take word from 1st column(eg.Hello), after that from 2nd column i have to take number(eg.4),from 3rd column again i have to take word(eg. World) and from 4th column again number(eg.20)

My requirement is,

I have to search “Impairment” word from 1st column after that 5th word (this number come from 2nd column) should be “asset”(this will be 3rd column of excel). If this requirent met we have to find next 20 words(this number come from 4th column).

I have to search all this in PDF.
Attached is the excel screenshot.


Hi @sshitol

Check this