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I’m using the Find and Replace Activities in Studio X, however there are times when there is no/empty value to replace. I’ve solved for this using an IF statement, but I would like to delete the blank value and move the text up so it looks more professional as this is a letter a customer would receive.

Below is how the text looks prior to the Find and Replace:

This is how the Text looks after the Find and Replace is complete:

Appreciate any assistance. Thanks


Try finding the multiple newline characters together and replace them with one single space or one newline character

Environment.Newline + Environmnet.Newline


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Hello Tamara-

There may be a better way of doing this, but what has worked for me in the past is to have two different workflows in the IF statement.
If Address 2 is blank use template with Name 1, Address, City State Zip
Else use template with Name 1, Name 2, Address, City State Zip

If no better solution, this one does work.


I was able to use this method and have had great success. Thanks!

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