Word Document Updating of Check Boxes

hi Team,

I am trying to work check box which is there in a word document, i am trying to do with the below mentioned invoke Code.

The code is getting executed without any error, but with exception I am getting the below error:

The requested member of the collection does not exist.

This the checkbox in the word doc that i am trying to update:

Can anyone please let me know what i am missing in that code
Thanks in Advance,

@harshavardhan3457 Could you please confirm whether you have provided the path to the variable “filepath”. Also please check the id “GriChk” again.

Yes i have checked the variable and it has the path of the file(XYZ.docx)
Yes the ID is also and the same Doc is being used by another project also, but of different technology.

@harshavardhan3457 will it be possible to share the docx here.

Hi @harshavardhan3457 ,

You should be able to Check the Count of the Form Fields in the Document using .Count() and print the value using Console.WriteLine() like below :


This should be able to tell you the Number of Checkboxes present in the Document.

thanks @Rahul_Unnikrishnan ,

I have found the solution using the VB.net code using Invoke Code Activity,

Glad to hear that… :grinning:

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