Word Automation with StudioX - Modify Word Templates

Following the pdf, I was able to make everything work once I learned how to edit the Alt Text. Pretty Slick… :slight_smile:

Some of the information is wrong. The robo path instructions says to use cells B23, C23, D23, etc. But the it really should be B2, C2, etc. This doesn’t have 23 rows, only 2.

Also I wish some of the new concepts were sprung on us during a practice, it would be better to show us in a video before having us do it.

Not sure if covered later, but automating the overall formatting of the word document to remove yellow highlights, correct dollar figures with appropriate commas, and aligning text would be helpful.

This interesting as I don’t use Word Documents in my day to day work.
With more practice by going through the steps outlined will help me to get better at it.
I might definitely use it to test it out on paper contracts at my work.

It was fun to try out this Word automation. I made a minor mistake when using the saved value, instead of replacing the text, I chose replace picture and did not notice this mistake for a few runs/minutes.

“Thoughts” is misspelled on the last button of the course.

The automation with Word is very good. It would be interesting to use it in the future.

There is a check Box not to save the original file.

Also odd the table was named “Mook” data

I had an issue downloading the content for the 2nd half - it didn’t download in Edge - no activity showed in network tab of the dev toolbar, but it worked in Chrome.

My MS Word is automatically saving changes after each Replace Text or Replace Picture action. I’m not sure if there’s a setting that I can change to stop it from auto-saving.

Untick the “Save Changes” checkbox.

Sure, will be looking at automating Word contract templates for a colleague.

I kept getting an error message about the file name not being allowed to contain certain special characters. I double, triple and quadruple checked that none of my files in the automation contained those characters. The file “Contract for Sale of Goods - Mook Data” contained a dash (not one of the special characters I couldn’t use), but when I removed it, the error message disappeared. It was kind of annoying. Other than that, a straight forward lesson that can be valuable.

I found the exercise fairly easy to do now that I’m more comfortable doing these practices. Only issue I had was a typo on my part with SELLER NAME field (an extra L, of all things! :grin:)

Overall, an good exercise on MS Word Automation

I encountered several issues with the Word Automation exercises. The first issue was the template for the resume was largely blank and I had to manually recreate it. Then the formatting was quite different from the demo and I couldn’t figure out how to get it to match. For the practice exercise, I received an error stating “A file name cannot contain a newline, or any of the following characters: * : ? " < >”. I reviewed the file name and it didn’t have any of those characters or a new line character. To get around this, I had to pull the documents out of the folder I extracted them to and add them to the folder where the Ui Path project was stored.

The instructions for the Robot Path also forgot to list a step for using the stored value pulled for the exchange rate. I like the suggestion someone made to rename the file, this allowed me to easily add the missing step and run my automation again.