Word Application Scope,Replace numbers formatting issue

Hi Team,

I am replacting values using replace text but after replacing the numbers are showing in incorrect format.

Please help me how can i fix this.

Letter.docx (16.0 KB)

Hi @RajeshT - Could you provide some more insights please? What is the formatting issue? Maybe show and example of how you would like it to look? :+1:

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Hi @HarrisonJard,

Thank you for your response.
It should look like as below:

Appreciate your help!

@RajeshT - Looking at the letter you attached, you are using space characters to format the alignment, this means that when you replace:
ā€œ<CLAIMAMOUNT>ā€ with the value 500 it will not be aligned with the same number of characters as replacing <INTAMNT> with the value 200.
The easiest way to fix this issue would be to format the data as a Table within Word so that you can Centre Align the entire column.

I have attached a version of your letter which is working for me.
Letter.docx (23.8 KB)

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You are awesome @HarrisonJard.

Can you please tell me,how you have formatted the data as table within word .

I have few more word documents which i have same scenario to replace text.

No problem @RajeshT!

If the question has been answered could you please mark the response as Solved so that others can find the answer easily in the future.

Also, I would recommend looking at the following links from Microsoft on Tables within Microsoft Word:


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Hi @HarrisonJard,

I dont see the solution tag yet,now a days the solution option is showing after few days I am not sure why.
Thank you so much for your help.
I will mark as solution once solution tag appers.

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