Word Application scope not working properly on Office 365 64Bit


I have Bot installed and running on remote machine, where Office 365 is installed in 64Bit. Where i can see Bot get stopped and dont execute further. It happens only when i am trying to convert word file into PDF or from .doc to .docx. I tried all solution like uninstall office 365 and install it again, used kill process or delaying the execution. But nothing working out. Now here is the glimpse that the same solution working properly from my machine as my machine is having Office 365 32Bit. Now i dont know why it is happening.

I stuck here from very long time and unable to figure out the solution. Anybody having any solution please help me to resolve it


Hi @Pankajsapkal07 ,
Are you using this activities? https://docs.uipath.com/activities/docs/word-save-as

I used Save Document as, i used word to pdf as well of Word Activity. But facing issue like bot doesnt execute after save as. And it is like sometimes its working sometimes its not working