Word Activities

Hi I am using Word activities in my bot.
There are few bugs in the UiPath.Word.Activities Package.
Word document is not typing in the background.
Every time, it is creating new word file.
In add picture activity if I give path here:


It is giving error.
But when I write in Properties panel, error is going.


As you can see path is not visible in the “1st Image” even after writing it.

Hi @Deepak_M,
For writing to exact file you need to write correct path to it. In your case you are using variables and methods in path, this is the reason.

Regarding not typing in background. Please check if you used Simulate Type attribute on activity.

hi @Pablito
i had a query here buddy
like why the path that we mention the property panel is not getting reflected here in the design panel along the activities for Add Picture activity

Oh, ok. I didn’t got it as the screen used in first post was reflecting wrong activity:

But I see now you mean this:

Yup. For sure it’s kind of a bug. I will report it. Thank you guys @Deepak_M @Palaniyappan for pointing this! :rocket:

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you are awesome
thank you @Pablito


Any update on this?
And for Word Application Scope, there is no property available so that it can work in Background.

Actually the bug has been reported, but I can’t say when it will be fixed at the moment. Please be patient :slight_smile: