Word Activities Pack is not displayed in 'All Packages' in Manage Packages window to install

Hi Everyone,

I am planning to work with word document and tried to install the Word Activities pack but I could not find the UiPath.Word.Activities pack in Manage Packages section.

I am not sure if its linked with the UiPath version which I am using, its Studio 2019.11.0 beta 2 Community Edition.

I am stuck at this point. Please let me know if I missed something.

Thank you

Usually Official feed will be disabled by default so we need to enable it in Design TabManage PackagesSetting → enable Official
Then go to Official tab and search as UiPath.Word.Activities

For more details on what packages will be enabled and disabled by default here you go a document from uipath



It was already enabled

Did we search in official tab for that activity
Cheers @praveen_kumar

Great! I found it now. I actually searched in Official tab many time previously. But now I found it in the same tab after unchecking the ‘Include Prerelease’ checkbox.

I really do not know why it was not displayed if its checked.

Anyways thank you for the support

Usually Include Prerelease checkbox next to the Search bar, displays the beta versions of library packages, if available, when selected.
So word activity doesn’t require that
Cheers @praveen_kumar

Thank you for the information

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Cheers @praveen_kumar