Without Recording, Solve this Problem

How’s it going everyone,
I wanted to challenge your mind and maybe not that much and I’m completely over looking it. Is there a way to perform a migration from a .csv to a .xlsx file without using a recording to going into say excel and change it? I’ve tried using the move file activity to change the file extension from .csv to .xlsx which is fine and it retains the information, but there is formatting issues which prevent the file from opening due to excel thinking that it is a threat due to unknown formatting code in the file.

Any Ideas?

hope these steps wuld help you resolve this
–use READ CSV and pass the file path of csv file and get the output with a variable of type datatable named dt
–now use a Excel application scope and pass the file path we want
and inside the scope use a write range actvity and mention the datatable as input and in the property panel enable ADD HEADERS property

this would convert your csv to excel file
Cheers @Churchill291


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