Without looping how to change data table column entire row values is there linq or any other way?

For eg:

ColumnA ColumnB Status
Ram nivas Open
Aravind Krish Closed
Shan Kumar Open
Output after filter Status “Open”
ColumnA ColumnB Status
Pondy nivas Open
Pondy Krish Open

So if I have filter with status “Open” then Column A value should change as “Pondy” for all rows In real time there will be more datas. kindly help without looping. Thank you

Hi @Aravinthan,

I hope you are able to do till filtering on “Open” status, then write the data table to new excel .

Then use write range activity and give the range as “A1:A90” (whatever it is) and text as “Pondy” … this will write data in entire column.


Use the expression below in the assign activity.

out_dt should be of type datatable.

Then use write range activity inside excel application scope and supply the out_dt inside write range activity to write the data in the excel.

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