Withdraw amount from account

I want to withdraw an amount (4000) from an account of client (id1), but if the balance of this account is insufficient I go to the next account of this client
in this example i need to withdraw 2000 from account (16587) then 2000 from 16588 , in a descandent order.

Could someone help please ?

Can you share your expected output

my input is a list of client with their accounts ( 1 client can have multiple accounts) and amount to be deducted from the client’s account.

and if the complete subtraction is done ( 4000) i need to remove rows for this client. and keep the rows with substraction = KO

What about the amount 150 ??

we don’t need it because we already subtract the full amount ( 2000+2000) .
if the amount was 4100, the datatable will look like this

In General WE can group by the clients, sum Up the group members amount and subtract the dedicated value from IT. Depending of the result(< or > 0 ) we can calculate OK or Not ok

we can’t sum up the amounts, because we have to subtract the amount of the account that has the maximum balance and so on ( expl : the amount to be deducted is 3050$ : we need to subtract 2000$ from account 1 then 1000$ from account 2 then 50$ from account 3 ) once we substracted the full amount we have to note it somewhere and delete the row .

No Problem,Just modify With alternative Implementation the group member Processing Part and Check IT for each member loop

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Hi @hzarriq

Please find the attached xaml file
with input & output file
Remaning.xlsx (7.3 KB)
Removedoutput.xlsx (7.2 KB)
test23.xaml (16.0 KB)
test23.xlsx (8.3 KB)


Update me whether you got desired output or not

hello ,
Thank you for your reply
activities are missing

Hi @hzarriq

Please find the attached overall project file and kindly update me whether its working fine or not
test (6).zip (20.1 KB)

Robin S

still not working , even if i installed all the packages .
Can you just take a capture

Zip file also not working ah

Hi @hzarriq
i also attached overall snap of the flow check it out
Update me whether you got solution or not
Uploading: image.png…


Robin S


Yess it’s working fine , thank you so Much Robin

Your welcome

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