With FTP Session new challenge

Related to the item listed here: With FTP/Enumerate files output issue - #4 by Emilian_Ivan

That one issue has been fixed but now, it seems that a new issue arises.
Object Info is retrieved here:

Once we have the FTP Object Info list, we run an If clause to check that the objects in the list contain specific char set. Once the condition is met, we need to download that specific file. The issue faced is with the fact that if we key in the folder path to the Remote Path, it will start downloading all files in the location (which we do not want, we only want to download the items that meet the criteria).
If in the remote path we try to use the row.FullName to get the data that matches the criteria, it fails with the most generic error possible: “Download files: One or more errors occurred”
Tried passing the path manually with the file name… Does not work…
Any clue how to pass the File name (FullName, Name) to the Download so that only items matching the criteria get picked out?

Hi @Emilian_Ivan
I need more context to provide an accurate suggestion.

I have two questions:

  • when you send “/Prod/Test/IF3_Test/Tests.csv” does it download the file?
  • do you have an example of how does row.FullName.ToString look like when you do a writeline?



Seems that i got it all wrong, was checking the wrong location and in the end everything works as expected.

Thank you for the input.

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