"With FTP Session" activity in package v2.2.0 still does not accept SecureStrings for the password property

The FTP activities in UiPath have always been a bit lacking, so I was very happy to see that the package was updated to version 2.2.0 this week. Unfortunately, it still forces you to use a standard string for the password property, as shown in the screenshot from Studio and the official documentation. This has been a big drawback in the past and forced us to explore other solutions for managing (S)FTP shares, so it’s very disappointing that this is still the case in the latest version.

Will this ability be brought into future versions of the FTP activities pack?

With FTP Session (uipath.com)

Maybe you want to convert secure password to plain password?

str_password = new System.Net.NetworkCredential(“”, sec_password).Password

That’s a workaround, but that will hold the password in memory as a plain-text string. Even if the string variable is blanked immediately after initiating the connection, it still exposes the password in plain-text.

Same situation with the client certificate password property, it doesn’t accept SecureStrings either.

Sure it would be better if the FTP activity would accept Secure String - but you will always have these situations where you need to decode the password the plain text. The secure was already added to Send Mail acitivities, so maybe one day it will also be for activities like FTP and SQL.

I know this is an older topic, but as I was just maintaining legacy code this topic came up prominent on Google:

The update of the UiPath FTP Activities Pack

  • from 2.2.0
  • to 2.3.0
    brought the property Secure Password.

So I am now happily updating legacy code, and reduce my Workflow Analyzer Errors! :smiley:

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