Windows Task Scheduler does not kill the frontend robot

How I can kill UiPath frontend robot task with Task Scheduler?

We are using Windows Server 2012 R2 and UiPath frontend robot. I can start robot task with Task Scheduler but when I try to either manually end from Task Scheduler or use task’s own option to kill after certain timeout, nothing happens. Logs in the task says that process is terminated but robot is still working as nothing happened. I have launched robot with different user account than I’m using to create and control scheduled tasks.

Any ideas how to do that? Or is it somehow related to the type of robot (frontend and not backend) but still I assume that Windows should be able to kill whatever process.

Not the preferred solution but you could restart the UiPathSvc which will definitely kill the robot.

Hi @richarddenton

I am Creating a scheduling Process in task Scheduler to automate the certain task at a particular time. In that we have two scenarios
i) run only when user is logged on
ii) Run whether the user is logged on or not.

In the first scenario, it’s working fine. But in the second scenario is not working ?

Is there any Possibilities to work on this issues or this features is supported by UiPath ?
any idea!!!