Windows server environment

Hi all.
What are the limitations of have a windows server with many sessions as environments we need. For example: session1 for production environment, session2 for QA environment and session3 for Develop environment. All of this connected to a licensed orchestrator.

Not recommended, as this would put you into the situation of connection to different Orchestrator instances or tenants from one machine.

We usually have Dev and QA on one windows server machine for Studios and NonProduction Robots and then have multiple windows servers for production - each hosting multiple robot runtimes. In our case we use two Orchestrators. If you are using three, you would probably want to ramp up at least one windows server per stage.

@kc-x thanks for your reply.
The thing is that our client just have 1 orchestrator license. So we got to adjust to that. In this case I think we will not have the problem that you mentioned of instances or tenants, due to it is its own orchestrator.
My plan is to set multiple environments at orchestrator and then assign the robots to each one, respectively. So… would be any problem if this given scenario I use only one windows server with multiple sessions, one for every environment. For example: one process is executing in productive and then I need to execute another process at the same time in QA or Develop environment at the same machine with windows server. Would this be possible?

You might run into problems with IT Security. Be advised to show certain ways of working, that guarantee correct and secure use and data/access segregation. The best way to implement is probably folders for each environment.

Technically spoken, your approach works as well. You would have one machine, 3 robots with each a different license (Studio, NonProd and Unattended), which sit in different environments as well.

Make sure to configure the server as High Density in order to make this work.

Practically spoken, I would definitely advise you to at least differentiate within Dev/Test and Prod in different folders. Also you might run into problems, when connecting to multiple environments from the same machine. I haven‘t run into any issues doing that myself.