Windows server 2016 high-density robots


we are having some issues with running high-density robots unattended on our server.

Firstly the server started to freeze recently(last 3 weeks), where the execution is frozen in time and no logs or errors are thrown.

A more persistent issue has been that the jobs have been unstable while running unattended, there is no rime or reason as to where or when they would fault but when executing in attended mode the issues seem never to come up.

Have any of you experienced similar issues?

can you give some example on what kind of errors you were facing being in unattended mode
Cheers @DVM

Various kinds. Sometimes some selectors could not be identified(worked fin in attended, tried to increase wait before/after to account for possible server speed issues) sometimes the sequences would fail and sometimes the workflows could not be invoked.

I could not identify any logic in when each of these issues occurs. The only explanation I can come up with is that the server has some performance issues.

Any ideas on how to test for that? I am attaching the specs for our servers.2019-11-07%2013_23_58-Infrastructure%20-%20Robotics%20-%20Confluence%20site%20for%20LB