Windows server 2012 R2 - Robot Desktop is getting locked and taskbar is unresponsive


We are having problems with one robot user on a highdensity server running Windows server 2012 R2.
The robot’s desktop and taskbar is getting unresponsive. This happens 1 to 2 times a week.
The clock is gone, there are no icons visible on the taskbar and the Windows button doesn’t work.
Other robot users logged on to the same server work just fine, but the affected user is not working. Some processes can be run in the background, but most RPA processes fail.

When logging on to the user’s desktop with RPD there is then no way of logging out, so the only solution we have found is to reboot the server.

We are moving one and one process from the affected robot user to another robot user to check if we can trigger the error on the new user.

We have seen that this kind of error has been reported for Windows server users, but not for UiPath users before.

Any suggestions?
Thanks a lot.


Hi @petterws

You can try reaching out to our support as the issue seems to be very specific and related to the Enterprise version of the software.

If the core of the issue is on our side, it will get fixed :slight_smile:

I’ll do that :slight_smile: