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I am new to windows recording and am having a requirement as follows:

  1. A small windows application called as Auto Updater. It has connected to different office peripherals like printer, Graphic Driver, Projectors etc.

  2. So, whenever a new update has been pushed to any of the peripherals connected it should be installed in the non-office hours. eg: only on weekend it should update.

  3. Autoupdater App will list down list of connected peripherals. If there is updated available next to the peripheral name Green Colour icon will be displayed followed by Update button and version number, if there is no update available it will be in Red colour.

  4. So, my requirement is open the Autoupdater app and I should monitor for green icon/signal, if it is in green it should update all the peripherals only on weekends. Peripherals list may vary from 20 to 25 peripherals. Once updated i should send mail with the names of updated peripherals, version number to the network team.

please help me out with the process.

@Palaniyappan @lakshman any suggestions from you guys?

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Use Click activity and indicate that green icon and then check any attribute value contains Green in selector. If it has then we can use Get Attribute activity to check it is green or red.

If it doesn’t hold those values then we have to check some other alternative like instead of checking Green or Red color is there any other value changing or not ?

Let’s go one by one

We can use OPEN APPLICATION activity and open the application we want or we can use START PROCESS activity where we can pass the .exe file path of the application as input


We can use ELEMENT EXISTS or IMAGE EXISTS activity where we can choose the green icon as a element or a image and get the Boolean variable bool_exists as output
—now use a IF condition like this
bool_exists = True
If true it will go to then part where we can use set of activities to be proceeded with to update

We can get the list of names either with GET TEXT or SCREEN SCRAPPING METHOD FROM DESIGN TAB in studio and send that in a excel file along mail using SEND OUTLOOK MAIL ACTIVITY

and finally to do this only in weekends

We can make a SCHEDULE in orchestrator under Trigger option to run on SATURDAY and SUNDAY

That’s all buddy you are done
cheers @monish06

Thank you, now i get overall structure of it thank you @lakshman @Palaniyappan

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