Windows markup file instead of windows.xamldocument

Hi all! I have a problem. I am trying to have a backup copy of all my files in an external memory disk, D:, the problem is that all my xaml files are copied with a Windows markup file instead of windows.xamldocument, and so, when I try to install them into a new PC, I cannot open them because they do not launch UiPath Studio. What should I do to save my xaml documents as xaml documents and so, be able to copy them as xaml documents in my new PC? I have many xamls as to go one by one manually changing their extension, if I may skip it…

Thank you very much in advance,


Hi @ccrespo9669,

There are a few ways you can go about this.

  1. You can use a third-party file converter tool to convert all your XAML files into Windows.XAMLDocument format. This will allow you to easily copy them over to the new PC.
  2. You can use the UiPath Studio Package Manager to package up all your XAML files into a single package that can then be easily installed on the new PC.
  3. You can use a batch file to loop through all the XAML files in a folder and change their extension from Windows markup to Windows.XAMLDocument. This method would require some scripting knowledge but is a relatively straightforward process.

Whichever method you choose, the end result should be that you can easily copy all your XAML files over to the new PC.


Thankyou very much for your quick answer RajKumar! I will try the second method and will come bak to explain results.

Thanks, César

@RajKumar_DC One question, how can I package all my xaml files? I have them over different folders in my original PC. Should I create a package for each folder group? It is impossible, I have tens of folders… Thanks for your help,

Also, I cannot figure out how to change extension (method 1 you suggested) of all my windows markup files with a converter. I cannot find a converter and also I cannot imagine how to mke it work over all my directories. Do you have an example on how to do it? Thank you very much,

I thought there should be an easy way to make a back up copy of all my xaml document without having to work this much to get it and to be able to reinstall them…

Hi! Right now all is settled down. Now, some 15 minutes after I installed UiPath Studio in the new machine, all files have automatically changed from its windows markup files to windows.xamldocument and now I can open them perfectly.

Thank you @RajKumar_DC for your help.

It seems it was just a matter of time.

Hi @ccrespo9669,

You could use the UiPath Studio Packager tool to package your XAML files for deployment. This will create a .nupkg file which can be used to deploy your project to Orchestrator. You can use the Packager to package all of your XAML files into a single package, or you can create multiple packages for each group of folders

You can use the Windows PowerShell scripting language to convert your Windows Markup files to other formats. You can use a PowerShell script to loop through all of your directories and convert the files in each directory to the desired format. Here is an example of a script to convert your Windows Markup files to PDF files:

# Specify the directory containing the Windows Markup files

$SourceDir = "C:\MyFiles"

# Specify the output directory

$OutputDir = "C:\MyFiles\PDF"

# Get all the Windows Markup files in the source directory

$Files = Get-ChildItem -Path $SourceDir -Filter "*.wmf"

# Loop through each file and convert to PDF

foreach ($File in $Files)


$OutputFile = Join-Path -Path $OutputDir -ChildPath ($File.BaseName + ".pdf")

$File.FullName | ConvertTo-PDF -Destination $OutputFile