Windows Legacy -> Windows: Error when compiling: Vale cannot be null. (Parameter 'key')

Good morning all,
I have migrated a project from windows legacy to windows using the tool in the studio. I wanted to push the project to the orchestrator but when compiling I get the error message:
→ Value cannot be null. (Parameter ‘key’)

Yet, there are no errors in any project .xaml file. How can I find the error?
(Further: Compiling takes ages)

Hi @PeCour

It might be because of some inverted comma…try changing them… .net6 and 4.6 are having some differenc on it.

Alternately try analyzing each xaml separately.

Check the logs to see which file its refering to or if you can get the logs here


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HI @PeCour

Before deploying the process, have you tested it in the machine. Is it working?

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Hi @PeCour @Anil_G and @Gokul001

Windows version of projects do not look stable to me in the last two releases (2022.4.X and 2022.10.X) The error you are getting might also be that in one or other xaml file you have one of the following write to csv, read text file, write to text file, add to collection, get asset, read csv activities.

These are my observations so I cannot say this is the same in your case @PeCour

Many activities have been impacted. It’s a double whammy. Windows .net 6 activities and new UI has made us stick to legacy version for our RPA projects and we are rolling back to 21.10.X studio (if we can find the msi in customer portal)

We discover many bugs in our test automation projects as they are in windows version. On hindsight we should have not taken this risk of migrating too soon.


@jeevith, @Anil_G, @Gokul001 thank you for your advice.
It really does not seem to be perfect yet. I analyzed each xaml separately and found the xaml that was not working. But the reason is still unclear :sweat_smile: But it works…

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