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Hello, I am new to working with the program.
I want to change the name of the existing Excel files in a folder and its subfolders in Windows explorer - they always have the month name as part of them and I want to change it to the next month. Files do not have to be opened
G:\FINANZ\RPA\September\1_Flowers\Flowers August.xls → change in Flowers September.xls
G:\FINANZ\RPA\September\2_Trees\Trees August.xls → change in Trees September

Example: Flowers August.xlsm should be changed to Flowers September.xlsm

  1. how do I tell that all subfolders must be traversed?
  2. how do I change part in name of excel file *August to *September

Thank you in advance Bettina

Hi @Bettina_Hornbe
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Try this method please

Main.xaml (12.3 KB)

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Assign actiivty


I had used a data folder (you can change the folder name as according to urs)

In move file

From : item

To :  Directory.GetParent(item.ToString).ToString+"\"+Path.GetFileName(item.ToString).Replace(Now.AddMonths(-1).ToString("MMMM"),Now.ToString("MMMM"))

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