Windows 10 - Using any "workbook" activities causes slow robot launch

Wondering if anyone has experienced this.

I’m using Studio 2017.1.6435 on Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit.

If I create a bare bones simple robot with just a for each loop that logs a message… the robot starts up quickly when I run it.

The minute I add in any kind of “workbook” activity (Generic or Excel - read range, read row, read column, etc), after clicking on start… the robot task icon will not appear until about 1 minute and 20 seconds later.

If I cut the workbook activity out of the workflow… it goes back to launching quickly again.

Any ideas?!?!?

This is killing my productivity.

  • Doesn’t occur on the Windows 7 VM was previously using for development at this company
  • Doesn’t occur using Studio 2018.1 on my Win 10 laptop at home