Window/Selector gets just found after closing window manually and reopening it

I got an issue with a Type Into Method. The selector is correct, maybe the Attach Window selector isn´t ? So: When my sequence comes to the point where it has to type in a textfield, nothing happens. No error, nothing! But when i manually close the window and manually reopen it, my text gets written into the field. I never got a problem like this before and hope someone can save me. Cannot show the selector or screenshots, because its something i do for my company…


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Could you please run your workflow in debug mode and see exactly where it is giving error.

Buddy @timbracht

You were able to enter when you close the window and reopen it and coming back to uipath. so when you run uipath, the window that you opened will be in foreground immediately so the field would get entered
enable Clickbeforetyping property, emptyfield property, and simulatetype property in the type into activity and try buddy
Cheers @timbracht