Wind 7: clicking is blocked

Hi everyone,

I have recently faced a strange problem.

I’ve tried to run a working code on a new computer. However, something goes wrong and UiPath can’t click anything. It finds the image to click pretty fast, moves coursor to that point and then stopps. I’ve tried all other clicking options (click relative, find text, etc.) - same result. It finds the point, but does not click. I receive the error: “Destkop has been disconnected while performing the UI actions.”

I’ve already tried many thing to make it working: add delay before the click, double click, SendWindowsMessage option, tried different clicking options, but still it does not work on this computer. Recording from scratch has not either solved the problem.

It would be great, if you could give some ideas, why it might have happened.

Best regards,

Looks like the same issue as in here: