Will uipath connect with browser in VPN Connection

Hi everyone,

I need to open a portal after connecting VPN connection but error occurs as “Uipath cannot communicate with the browser”. If i manually open browser and enter the same portal then it opens with VPN connection active but bot does not able to open. Please suggest any workaround.


Well, try to do it step by step.

Start process Browser
Type into

Do it as human :wink:

Let me know is it working


Hi @Radomir_Ivankovic exactly doing the same but open browser activity does not work and says uipath cannot communicate with internet explorer.


I ment dont use open browser, I ment use Start Process activity with
“C:\Program Files\internet explorer\iexplore.exe”

And than type into etc…

Step by step


Hi @Radomir_Ivankovic Thank you. I will do this change & update you.

Hi @Radomir_Ivankovic I tried and it works when i use the start process activity separately for checking purpose but when i connect the start process activity in the actual flow it is not opening IE.


Hi @Radomir_Ivankovic one more thing. I am using start process in the child workflow and when i try to click on file name property then it says specified element is already logical child of another element please disconnect it. I searched the forum and others have got suggested to close all the IE windows and try to run if this error message occurs but it again throws the error message and not even attempting to open the start process activity in the child workflow.

Hi @Radomir_Ivankovic closed all the windows and again checked. It is working fine now and testing further.


Yeah before starting IE try to close all IE windows, if there is anything that I can do to help let me know.


I am using this UK VPN Server with UIpath and its just working fine. i do not need to close all browser windows before connecting it.