Will UiPath add in benefit in Testing domain?

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I am a Software Tester. As we are moving from IT to data technology in very near future, I was searching something how can I develop myself for the coming age. I found that RAP is gonna rock the coming age and then I started researching on RPA tools. My question is how can I go ahead with UiPath adding with my career? Is UiPath developed only for the developers? Can I make a good career testing domain with UiPath? If yes then how ? Please give me some advice.

@indra could you please help me out?

Currently uipath is top tool in the market. You can enroll in uipath academy there you can learn more about uipath tool and if you know dot net than it will be more easy to learn and currently you are in testing background so I hope
Will give you more suggestions about this

Hi @sssghorai,

Refer the below post.

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@indra Thank you very much. From the day one you are there for me with an extensive help. Thank you very much. Be the same always.

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Thanks @arivu96