Will the pop up box affect the automation

The automation is run in the system.

Then I notice every time I sign in the, a pop up box that ask about server manager. 2 options, yes to open the server manager , and no to not open.

Then if I run the automation from the orchestrator, it will causes error?

And will the pop up box disappear on itself? If yes, may I know how long it need to let it disappear?

Any other way to close the pop up box? I don’t want to permanently disable it, scare will affect other existing workflow that create by other people.

HI @g_ii

You can try like this


Hi @g_ii ,

The popup can cause issues in the automation. You can make a small sequence for it like if the popup appears, simply close it.

Hi @Sudharsan_Ka and @ahmad.sultan ,

The pop up box that appear is like this:

When click Win+D is didn’t show any respond. It also unable to add into the workflow to detect whether it appear or not, cause this appear right away I login to server.

This pop up box will disappear on itself?

And, if I use the send hotkey enter and follow by send hotkey Win+D,can?
Cause scare that got other process run b4 the automation I wanted to run and when click enter it will open something else.

Or have any other idea?

Thank you.

hi @g_ii

Checkout this thread and try the same and let us know


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