Will on-prem AI Fabric install work with VMWare?

We are trying to set up an On-Prem install of AI Fabric. I am following the documentation to try to figure out how to set up a VM, but have found several mentions that AI Fabric on-prem is only supported via popular cloud platforms.

Will on-prem work with our environment: VMware® vSphere® vSphere Client version

Single node docs:

We strongly recommend to install AI Fabric on VM instances provided by popular cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Provision a machine docs:

AI Fabric installation is only supported on VM instances provided by popular cloud providers. For setups that require GPU, only NVIDIA GPUs are supported. These include but are not limited to: Standard_NC12 on Azure, n1-standard-16 on GCP, p3.2xlarge on AWS.

Hi @mtu
It will work with VMware machine, please refer to last version of documentation (20.10) here: https://docs.uipath.com/ai-fabric/docs/provisioning
It’s still recommended to use one of popular cloud providers because we have tested AI Fabric installation more extensively on those machines but we already installed AI Fabric successfully on VMware VMs.

Perfect, thanks for that, just trying to figure out our best route here!

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