Will new course 'RPA Developer Continuous Learning' be included in exams?


I saw that there’s a new course ‘RPA Developer Continuous Learning’ uploaded in UiPath academy and coincidentally when I checked the RPA Dev Adv exam description site (https://www.uipath.com/learning/certification/UCP-UiARD-ExamDescription). It’s currently down…

So qns is, will new moodules (e.g. AI comp vision, SAP automation) be included in the RPA Adv Dev exam? if yes, when will it take effect?
I’m taking the exam itself on 13 Oct & a bit concerned if qns on the new modules pops up…Appreciate if anyone from UiPath can advise soonest. TIA!

Hi Hanz,

Check this document if it helps.

SreeramUiPath Certified Advanced RPA Developer v1.0 - EXAM description.pdf (203.8 KB)

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Thanks mate. just a qns, have you cleared the RPA Adv exams?

No not yet, I am yet to take my associate exam .

I just joined a month back, going through the learning path and trying to understand more of Studio. Planning to take (both the exams) before the year end.

Wish you the very best :+1:

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Thanks man :slightly_smiling_face: