Will I have to rebuild .nupkg after Studio update?


I would like to know if robots (.nupkg files) build in Studio 2019.4.3 (or older) are 100% compatible with Studio 2019.10.1 or will I have to rebuild robots after Studio update?

Thank you.

Studio builds Processes (type of project) and packages them as nupkg.

Robot executes these packages (coming from either a local machine or remote feed or Orchestrator).

Processes built and packaged in 19.4 should work in 19.10. Actually this applies to processes built since 2016. They should execute fine with a 19.10. Robot.



If you updated studio then no need to rebuild nupkg file. If you need to update any of the used package in the process then only you have to rebuild nupkg package.

If you do single change in the process also you have to republish it.

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