WIList assign activity WIList Error

Your tutorials have been very helpful, I must say. But even I am having an error for the WIList assign activity WIList=TransactionData.Select(“Type=‘WI5’ AND Status=‘Open’”)

The error is “Object reference is not se

t to an instance of an object” Can you please help


Have you passed scraped data output to TransactionData variable ?

I guess you didn’t pass and because of that it’s giving this error.

Calculate_Client_Security_Hash_20191220.zip (518.5 KB)

Are you talking WIList? Please refer to the .zip file.


Before of that Assign activity and try to below expression using Message Box activity and check whether it’s printing any value or not.


If it gives any error or 0 that means you didn’t pass output of Extract DataTable activity outside.

I get an error in the message box, but I don’t think extractdatatable is passed. What should I do?


Show me screenshot of where you are extracting data and also show me it’s variables and arguments.

Hi @hanchanhee
It seems that you have not bind out argument to TransactionData variable in invoke scrape data process.

Yes,I find it in your .zip file.

I’m getting the same error. In Extract_workitems, in the datascraping part, I set ExtractDataTable to output and created dt_workitems to argument.

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Hi Hanchen. I am having similar error after giving value to the dt_Workitems.
Were you able to solve this? Can you please help. Thanks.

Yes. It was because I put something else in the output value.

I have assigned transactionData to dt_workitems not able to figure out error

Sorry, but I need more information to determine the cause of the error and locate error.Could I know what changes you have made after binding out argument to TransactionData variable?

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