Wildcards in source path - UnZip File

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I do not know how to use wildards in source path via UnZip file.
I am trying to add “?” and “#” and nothing.

Or there is another way to find file where the first part of the name is stable, but the second is changing (date).

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@pllo2ptk,Refer this

Place * for the changing date

It is not a selector. I just need to find file under given directory and choose this file.
Pattern is something like this c:\file\file_13042018.zip.
I need to get actual name of this file (always there will be only 1 file). Next file can be "c:\file\file_15042018.zip.
I want do this by invoke code if possible.

@pllo2ptk,Refer this

As you mentioned you will have single file in the folder,You can get the filename