Wildcards in mobile automation


I was making a few tests with mobile automation and i was wondering if there´s any way to add wilcards or the use of variables in the selectors that uipath (or appium i guess) uses to identify the objects.

So far i´ve had no success.

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any update on this, I want to know the same process

Update Mobile Automation , Now its easier to develop Mobile automation also can select various selector .


Is there any updates on this topic??

Is there any updates on this topic?

Wildcards aren’t supported. The semantics of wildcards is geared towards selecting multiple elements and returning them all, while all the current components are working with a single target that is uniquely selected by using various selector combinations.

Variables are supported! So if there’s a list of names that are known beforehand, we can iterate over that list and set a variable with a value. That variable can be used in a selector (e.g. <mbl android:className='android.widget.TextView' text='{{name}}' />). Variables are supported at design time as well in MDM, but they need to have a default value in order for the selection to work.

I’ve tested on UiPath.MobileAutomation.Activities, 21.3.0-preview